Google Keeps Failing to Understand Tablets

Vlad Savov:

Tablets, despite being proximate to both phones and laptops, are unique. To have a good tablet experience, you need an OS that is made specifically for that task. It must offer an intuitive touchscreen interface, like a phone, but it should also make full use of its greater screen real estate and higher spec ceiling. Apple’s iPad is, of course, the role model for how this is done.

I think this is 100 percent fair and accurate. Rather than make an OS tailored for a device, Google has now tried to take two OSes that weren’t tailored for the device and crammed them together in an attempt to make one. You get where they’re coming from — the best of both worlds! — but “no compromise” once again constitutes a compromise.

And yes, you could argue that iOS for iPad is just iOS for iPhone tweaked a bit — and you’d be right! And that has led to all the complaints about that device these days!


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