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Canadians have high-tech expectations for higher education: poll

Findings of a study commissioned by Athabasca University (AU) reveal Canadians' expectations about the future of higher education. Focusing on the next 50 years, the results uncover a strong collective embracement of more technological advancement:

- to fit the world of tomorrow, inherited from the pandemic, efforts should be made to design courses specifically for remote learning;

- shorter academic programs with micro-degrees should be developed;

- 57% of respondents believe teaching will be done by both teachers and AI-powered robots;

- 56% of respondents think there will be degree individualization.

In spite of this enthusiasm, the study also underlines some division associated with human connection and the use of technology and AI. For instance, 62% of Canadians who have been surveyed believe that educational institutions will need to emphasized social and emotional intelligence.


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