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by M.G. Siegler


Apple Park’s Tree Whisperer

From a profile Steven Levy did of David Muffly, the man in charge of the trees at Apple's new HQ, back in June of last year:

Though Jobs was specific about wanting apricots, Muffly wound up designing a sequentially ripening orchard. “We think maybe 20 percent of all the fruit that will be eaten here we’ll be able to grow,” he says, ticking off some of the 37 varieties: “Lots of plums, the apricots, persimmons, and then 17 varieties of apples and cherries.” Then he ticks off the varieties of apples. “Golden Delicious, we got Granny Smith, we got Gravenstein, we got Pink Lady…”
Wait a minute….No McIntosh apples?
Muffly cackles. “I didn’t think of that, that’s pretty good,” he says. “Unfortunately Macs don’t grow that well here, so I’m a little biased against them.”

Lots of fun Steve Jobs anecdotes, as you might imagine. 🍎🍏


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