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Echo Echoing

by M.G. Siegler


BlackBerry KeyOne Review

Dan Seifert on the latest BlackBerry -- yes, they're still around, though the hardware is now outsourced (TCL) -- phone:

Getting shit done is really the entire ethos of the new KeyOne, and arguably, the many BlackBerry devices that preceded it. The KeyOne is a phone for a very specific person, one that longs for the days when the BlackBerry Bold was the most important device in the office and the majority of business communications happened over email. It’s not the best choice for watching hours of YouTube videos, sending thousands of Snaps, or reading novel-length ebooks (though it can technically do all of those things). It is for sending email. Lots of email.

Great battery life too. A decent camera (great compared to the last BlackBerry devices). Fingerprint scanner. Works with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, etc.

This actually seems like a smart play. Never understood why BlackBerry (RIM) itself didn't do this when it was still making phones. I mean, I know why they didn't. But this feels like the type of winning product they should have done -- it's just winning a much smaller market than the broader smartphone market. But I still know a number of people (mainly lawyers or DC folks) who hoard the old devices. Clearly there's something there...


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