Readwise - Retain what you read

Readwise in an insanely cool website that has revolutionised how I manage my Kindle highlights and transformed my ability to remember non-fiction ebooks. Having used Readwise every day for the last 108 days it's easily my favourite tech of 2017!

Key benefits of using Readwise:

1) Export Kindle highlights and notes to a purpose-built web app, plus search and retrieve in seconds.

2) Tag notes so that similar highlights/notes from different books are grouped – (eg. I can see easily see highlights from every book I’ve ever read that are related to specific themes like ‘consumerism’, 'product development' etc)

3) Receive an automated daily email with a random selection of highlights. The resurfacing of highlights is a nice little surprise each day. 

If you want to remember what you read, use Kindle & Readwise!


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