What does it mean to be a Senior Data Scientist?


Peadar Coyle is a Senior Data Scientist. Given that many organizations still struggle with what it means to be a data scientist, what exactly does the "Senior" prefix mean?

The post is a bit of a stream-of-consciousness, but I really think Peadar's perspective is excellent. Here's my favorite paragraph:

As a Senior Data Scientist working in a the regulated world of Financial Services – I’ve grown to appreciate that it’s my job to have a working knowledge of GDPR, it’s something we regularly bring up when we discuss the viability of projects, and it’s a ‘risk factor’. It would be immature to just ignore this, and frankly unethical and unprofessional.

"Senior" indicates not just being really good at stats and math and programming—to Peadar it's more about people skills and ethics and impact.


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