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Draught Draft

by M.G. Siegler


Why You Can Never Eat Just One Oreo

Taylor Mitchell Brown:

Terrible foods work their magic by manipulating these hunger and satiety systems; they trigger the release of hunger hormones while simultaneously weakening satiety signals. The result — as our plight with Oreos, ice cream, fast food, and the like shows — is that we eat well beyond what we should.
The reason these foods trigger such a response is thought to be our evolutionary past. As we evolved as partially starved scavengers of the African savannah, foods high in fat and sugar were difficult to come by. When we found them, it made sense to eat as much as possible. Our brains evolved mechanisms like these to ensure we’d do exactly that.

Makes perfect sense when you read it like this. Still, it's crazy to read it like this. We crave Oreos because they were once scarce (well, nonexistent, I suppose) and evolution made them desirable to us.


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