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A Building Week

by Richard Hendrix


OmiseGO: Airdrop Update

OmiseGo is a cool project building on top of Ethereum, but I haven't included this link to talk about them. This is an update on OmiseGo's airdrop of tokens to Ethereum token holders. An "airdrop" is an interesting way for a project to distribute tokens to bootstrap an ecosystem - in this case, the OmiseGo team has allocated 5% of its tokens to be given freely to all ether holders in an amount proportionate to the percentage of ETH they hold. As a result, millions of people freely receive a token that has actual value, which instantly creates a viable ecosystem for the OmiseGo project. This process is a great illustration of the groundbreaking potential of blockchain technology - never before has it been possible to distribute something of value to millions of people with just a few lines of code. 


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