Deadspin Interview: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates on using Twitter:

I felt bad every time I looked at Twitter. It was feeding some part of me. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was good, but mostly, I felt bad. And maybe that’s particular to things that have happened in my career. But it wasn’t a good space for me. I’m hesitant to speak for all writers, but I think for me as a writer, protecting the space I operate in to do that writing is really important.
In the age of blogging, I could read people’s reactions to stuff, I could go back and forth with them, I could engage in dialogue. But I can’t really do that anymore. And I certainly can’t do that on Twitter. Maybe I could still do it, but I certainly can’t do it on Twitter. I’ve had to shrink that space a little bit, unfortunately.


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