Extremist content is on Facebook and Google ahead of Senate hearing


Big tech companies are heading back before Congress on Wednesday to tell lawmakers what they're doing about ISIS. (The actual real name of this hearing is, we swear to God, "Terrorism and Social Media: #IsBigTechDoingEnough?") Anyway, it sounds like it might be ....... not enough:

Even as executives from Google and Facebook prepare to testify in front of the Senate on how they're combating extremist content, the internet giants are struggling to keep it off their sites.
Dozens of accounts on sites owned by those two companies have been used this week to promote violent attacks and recruit people to the cause of Islamic terrorism, a CNBC investigation has found.
All of the content that was brought to the attention of Google and Facebook by CNBC was removed within 24 hours of notification. Yet many of the posts and videos, which contained graphic images and threats of violence, had been online for days or weeks before we alerted them to it.


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