TikTok famous: How the app is turning teenagers into celebrities


A little bit famous. The allure of social media summed up in four short words. The chance to be a little bit famous, not recognizable on a global stage, just recognizable to strangers.

“A little bit famous” is the domain of Instagram influencers, reality TV contestants, YouTube creators, pageant queens, and mid-roster athletes who you yourself might not recognize on the street, but someone would.

The latest platform selling the promise of 15 minutes of fame faster than the ice cream man on a 95 degree day in June is TikTok. This piece is a fascinating look the life of Haley Sharpe (@yodeling.karen) and through it, the culture and users of TikTok, the monetization (or lack there of) available to being 'almost famous' (everyone wants to be a YouTube star) and, more than anything, how being a teenager today is largely the same as teenagers, just with different technology.


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