What we can learn from Nordic developers | GamesIndustry.biz


Now, I'm obviously biased, but I do think that we have a great climate for game development in the Nordics. Our work culture is partially built around consensus, and "high ceilings" (i.e. being open to differing opinions), which is a perfect antidote to stifling hierarchies. And great games are made by different people -- young and old, square and round -- getting together and trusting each other to do magic. Trust is the key here, not formal hierarchies.

I have sat in meetings in North America where teams, eyes down, nod silently to their CEO only to leave the conference room to huddle dejectedly and complain. The team knows that dissidents can and do get cut with little warning. While in Sweden, the most junior team members raise worries to founders, while everyone listens and considers with that famous Nordic pragmatism.

(Of course it's in no way perfect in the Nordics, we certainly have examples of terrible management, but on balance it's a great culture for creative industries.)


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