Technology Underscores the Promise of a New School Year | EdTech Magazine

K–12 educators share their goals for tech integration and the inspiring reasons why they want tech investments to pay off in the new school year.

As schools across the country reopen for the new academic year, students will be greeted by more than teachers, administrators and their peers. Many will also have new laptops or tablets through one-to-one computing programs, upgraded classroom technology for blended learning, and teachers trained to more effectively use technology to personalize instruction. For many IT leaders, administrators and teachers, the technology also fuels their excitement and inspiration for the new school year.

Students at the Center of Applied Sciences and Technology (COAST) in Brunswick County, N.C., are starting the year with new options for learning about STEM subjects tied to in-demand, high-paying careers — such as cybersecurity, game art and design, digital design and animation. 


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