Designed by Lucas Sharp, Beatrice is dedicated to his mother, Beatrice Benjamin, "who continues to seek beauty, embraces originality and has never let convention hold her back." The Beatrice superfamily includes two optical sizes: a super high-contrast Display cut, as well as a more standard low-contrast Sans designed to work beautifully in a wide range of contexts.

The Display cut, with its visually striking effect, might look like a reversed contrast display at first, but in fact, its contrast methodology is new, an innovation that Sharp Type decided to call the "internal contrast." It consists of applying stroke emphasis to the outside of the letterforms, with the strokes on the inside being the hairlines (more about this).

I am personally particularly fond of the italics of Beatrice Display, which definitely deserve a look. Also, for the launch of the superfamily, Sharp Type teamed up with Justin Sloane to create a pretty neat limited edition long sleeve.

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