Burnout, Culture Drive Security Talent Out the Door | Dark Reading


"Security's efforts to bridge the talent gap mean little when workers don't want to stay in the industry."

In a survey of 300 security professionals, a mere third reported feeling professionally challenged in their role. "There's so much in processes that is so mundane to do hours and hours on end, day after day, especially things that could be automated by now," the social scientist in charge of the survey said. "You could see how that leads to burnout." Are you an app security manager concerned about losing good team members overwhelmed with mundane mobile app security testing chores? Or, are you a security professional looking to automate monotonous mobile app security testing tasks so you have more time for more interesting work? NowSecure Workstation can help. NowSecure Workstation is a mobile app penetration testing kit that our customers use to automate the tedious aspects of mobile app security testing so they can test mobile apps 8X faster and 3X deeper. Contact us to learn more.


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