Los Angeles Times: Podcasts made by and for Latinos finally make inroads in mainstream market


LA Times music reporter Suzy Exposito wrote a great article about how media companies like Sonoro and Futuro Media, uniquely led by all-Latinx creative and business teams, are finding success with Latino-focused podcasts.

“We’re bringing to life so many stories from Latinx writers who typically wouldn’t have their ideas developed by Hollywood, because they wouldn’t be taken seriously despite the huge audience demand for Latinx content,” says Camila Victoriano, co-founder and head of partnerships at Sonoro. Sonoro currently has 10 of the Top 100 podcasts in Latin America, including the No. 1 Spanish-language podcast in the world, “Leyendas Legendarias,” a comedy series that riffs on true crime and the paranormal.

*disclosure: Sonoro is a PR client of mine


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