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Let It Linger

by M.G. Siegler


Netflix ‘Bright’ Ratings: 11 Million Viewers in First Three Days

I haven't watched the Netflix original movie Bright yet, but by most accounts it's pretty bad. But what's interesting is that unlike a lot of movies in this bucket that play in actual movie theaters, Bright seems to be doing quite well. As Bloomberg notes:

“Bright” got 11 million viewers Dec. 22 through 24 in the U.S., Nielsen said Thursday. If those viewers had each paid the national average movie-ticket price of about $9, that would’ve been a $99 million debut at the box office -- roughly what Universal Pictures' “The Fate of the Furious” did in April.

Obviously, that's not exactly a fair comparison -- no one paid (beyond what they already had paid for Netflix overall) to watch Bright -- still, it's an interesting scale, no doubt. 

And it points to the question: Is this the way to combat the "Rotten Tomatoes Effect"Obviously, direct-to-video is nothing new, but this is different. It's still sort of "second-tier" to a film being in the theaters, but it's much less of a second-tier. And again, this points to the fact that such films -- even mediocre/bad ones -- can become hits this way. 

The sequel is already on the way.


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