What Getting A Job In Data Science Might Look Like


I love this post! Here's the first couple of lines:

I’ve read a number of articles stating how hard it was to get into Analytics and Data Science. This hasn’t been my experience(...)

That immediately caught my attention—everyone likes to write about how hard it can be to get into data science, how many applications, how many technologies one needs to know, how impersonal and flawed the interviewing process can be. And here's someone saying "this wasn't that hard". So...what did the author do differently?

Turns out: she just made good decisions, did good work, and stuck with it. She got a master's degree, built relationships with professors, used them to get a first job, did good work, learned a lot, and built from there. She repeatedly emphasizes the importance of core skills—Excel, SQL, Tableau, storytelling—over the more "exciting" skills she's used (neural nets, Hive).


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