With New Law, Assad Tells Syrians Not to Come Home


Mai El-Sadany takes a closer look on a new law that President Assad recently ratified. According to El-Sadany, the law allows the government to designate areas for „redevelopment“.

When an area has been designated, the owners have 30 days to go to a local office and file a claim of ownership. If they do so, they receive compensation for their property. If they don’t, they get nothing.

Note that millions of Syrians are internally displaced or fled the country. The result: „With the way that Law No. 10 of 2018 is currently written, Syrian authorities will be able to very simply and quickly repossess property that was legally paid for, owned, or inhabited by Syrian civilians (…)“

 „They (displaced Syrians) believe that the law will enable Syrian authorities to switch out civilians who once expressed opposition to the government with more “loyal” citizens—as the government has already begun to do—ultimately creating communities that are unlikely to revolt and allowing the Assad regime to masquerade its population engineering as authentic support for the government.“


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