Why Every User Experience Designer Needs to Think About UX In Real Life (UX IRL) | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe


Picture this. You arrive at a party and you’re the first person there. There might be some music playing, maybe a bowl of chips on a table, but nobody else is around. You feel awkward and uncomfortable, so you decide to leave. Now imagine you’re the first person to arrive at the party but things are a little different. There’s a sign near the chips that says, “Help yourself! Grab a beer too!” There’s a phone on a dock that says, “Choose some music, everyone else will be here soon.” You know you’re in the right place. You feel comfortable and you decide to stick around and wait for the next person shows up.

“UX doesn’t live inside our phones or our websites,” he said from his office in Toronto. “We need to step way outside of those devices to understand what people are doing in the real world.”

These are cues stripped from the physicality of our everyday lives and replicated on the screen, and yet we don’t stop too often to think about the relationship between UX IRL and UX on the screen.


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