Space, Time and Groceries

At Instacart, we deliver a lot of groceries. By the end of next year, 80% of American households will be able to use Instacart. Our challenge: complete every delivery on-time, with the right groceries as fast as possible. How do we bring order to the chaos?
In the remainder of this post, we’ll first introduce the logistics problem Instacart is solving, outline the architecture of our systems and describe the GPS data we collect. Then we will conclude by touring a series of datashader visualizations.

This post is really very impressive. It lays out the (quite challenging) problem the Instacart team is faced with solving, then takes the reader step-by-step through the visualizations the team has developed to solve it.

Most expertise associated with solutions of this scale and complexity is locked up in the brains of people at a small number of companies. This knowledge needs to become more widely dispersed, and I love that the Instacart team is helping make this happen.


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