What if We Stopped Pretending the Climate Apocalypse Can Be Stopped? | The New Yorker


An important perspective (please disregard the dramatic headline). The climate crisis is already here -- it's a sliding scale, and where already on it -- and can't be reversed in the time we have available. What should we do to prepare ourselves?

Keep in mind that earth will survive. This big round slab of rock will live and thrive almost regardless of what we throw at it. Climate change is not an earth problem, it's a human problem.

And humanity will also survive. The issue at stake is our quality of life. Will all future humans live in Mad Maxian societies, fighting daily for survival, or will we have stable, democratic societies, but just a "warmer" climate?

So far civilisation and quality of life has dramatically improved throughout history. Will climate change and destructive technologies be powerful enough to stop the force of civilisation? Or maybe it always has?


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