5) NY Times: Pasteles and two kinds of fried chicken at the Freakin Rican


This is a restaurant review for a new Latinx-owned restaurant in Queens, NY. I'm down for a Queens food tour if anyone is interested ;-)

Derick López, who was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the South Bronx, is the Freakin Rican’s chef and, with his husband, Victor Vargas, its owner. About four years ago, armed with picnic coolers and a couple of folding tables, the two men began selling a short menu of Puerto Rican staples at the street fairs that seem to infiltrate a different New York thoroughfare each weekend. As they promoted the Freakin Rican catering operation, the Freakin Rican product line, the Freakin Rican Facebook page and the Freakin Rican YouTube channel, they saved their earnings so they could found the Freakin Rican restaurant.. The Freakin Rican just opened last month and is located in Astoria, Queens - check it out here.


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