Critical Look At Clubhouse

In Silicon Valley and outside of the valley, Clubhouse, an app for live group audio chats, is the hot social app of the moment. A16z invested at a $100m valuation 10 months ago and now just did a round at (reportedly says Benedict Evans) $1bn. It has failed to attract my attention thus far. I cannot stay in a conversation for more than a few seconds, or minutes at best.

Steve O'Hear has a good analysis of Clubhouse in the link.

  • A lot of content is very dull – well-educated and articulate people with nothing much to say. CONTENT IS HARD. 
  • However the format is potentially genius because it’s podcasting with almost ZERO friction. All you need is a smartphone. No managing and recording guests, post-production, and uploading the content.
  • The ‘raise your hand’ feature is powerful but skilled moderation will be key.
  • Not yet clear if Clubhouse is a product or a feature, let alone a company. A bit like the stories format, expect the basic idea to be quickly cloned everywhere there is social.

Vincent Peyregne, president of Wan-Ifra, mailed me some strong advice for navigating Clubhouse. In his words:

  • First, if media industry is your area of interest, there is just a handful of groups there. The more, the better. Takes time to identify them and select the appropriate ones.
  • Select carefully your areas of interest, not too many
  • Follow only people you trust.
  • When time allows, check occasionally your calendar for upcoming conversations
  • Mark the conversations on your calendar, join or overlook them depending on your workload
  • Other platforms like Discord have been used for a while, successfully, by special communities, especially students.

Shout out to Vincent!


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