Could We Blow Up the Internet?

Tim Maughan wrote a novel called Infinite Detail about a group of activists who destroy the internet. In this article he tries to figure out how realistic that idea is. Is it actually possible to take down the internet by physically attacking its infrastructure? Turns out™, notsomuch:

The other problem with data centers and internet exchanges is getting access to them. “They're large, very well-constructed buildings. They have security. They're not necessarily bomb-proof or entirely fireproof but they are designed to withstand harm,” she said. In fact, data center marketing campaigns regularly boast about how tough they are to get into. Google produced a slick video about its data center security, and even published a white paper on data center security that describes how it “conducts disaster recovery drills in which we assume that individual data centers—including our corporate headquarters—won’t be available for 30 days. We regularly test our readiness for plausible scenarios as well as more imaginative crises, like alien and zombie invasions.”

That's right, zombie invasions. I suddenly feel a lot better about the internet's ability to endure.


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