(2.) The NY Times: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Passion for Puerto Rico


I think this is a really interesting read for those of us that are first generation Americans but have a very strong pull to the island or country where our parents were born. I feel the same way. I was not born in the Dominican Republic but spent most vacations and summers there as a kid, and feel I owe much of what I am today to the hardships the generations before me faced on the island. This excerpt gave me goosebumps:

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a New Yorker, born and bred. He has spent most of his nearly 39 years living in Upper Manhattan; he attended New York public schools, and his career was established on New York’s stages. But Puerto Rico offers a thread, a theme, a thesis for his life. It’s the homeland where both of his parents grew up. It’s the place he long idealized, where many now idealize him. As we talked about how Puerto Rico shaped his personal, political and artistic identity, he mused aloud about questions he has grappled with. What does it mean to feel nostalgia for a place you never lived, a place your parents loved but left? How does fame affect the way you see, and are seen, in that place? I believe I owe a great deal of who I am to this island,” he said as we drove from a coffee plantation deep in the mountains to the theater in San Juan where he hoped “Hamilton” would be staged.


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