Redash is joining Databricks

Huh! On one level, I don't know exactly how much to read into this. Redash, while having a huge open source footprint, never went deep down the commercialization path to my knowledge. So this could be more of a story about personal decisions for the Redash team than anything else.

At the same time, Both Databricks and Snowflake are now massive companies and have ample dry powder to start broadening their solutions. Will they become more acquisitive as their valuations continue to increase into the stratosphere? IMO this almost has to happen—the huge go-to-market teams that these companies have built exert gravity on them to solution sell and to cross-sell products into existing client relationships.

The competitive dynamics with the hyperscale cloud providers is another forcing function here—MSFT, AMZN, and GOOG all have broad suites of tools that they're selling, so Snowflake and Databricks have to as well. Using this lens, I actually think Redash could stack up well against more mature products like PowerBI—it makes much more modern assumptions about the ecosystem it operates within.


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