Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Our New Office Environment

By Nathan Snider | email

As provinces in Canada begin to reopen their economies and evaluate the implications of opening too soon or too quickly, we find ourselves as a nation rushing forward in the hopes of a speedy economic recovery. As policy makers weigh the benefits and risks of reopening public parks, schools, and various public services, corporations also find themselves considering new ways of conducting business. These considerations present new challenges. As cybersecurity issues foster important dialogue surrounding the health and wellbeing of public and private infrastructure, its implications in daily operations cannot be overstated.

Some businesses are evaluating the benefits of preserving their social distancing protocols (except for online retail/sales) in light of having received positive feedback. Whether the motivation is to protect staff in anticipation of a second wave of COVID-19, or to increase revenue, the value of digital infrastructure and safety remains consistent. While online sales in Canada continues to experience a dramatic increase, a higher volume of potential risks to personal privacy also occurs.

This final installment of the Information and Communication Technology Council’s (ICTC) “Future of Canada” series explores the issue of cybersecurity, workplace safety, and the implications of technology on the future of Canadian healthcare. Click through to the full article for their full insights.

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