How Chinese Tinder clone screws you

Learn how Chinese Tinder clone Tantan is endangering young women and men by exposing their secrets because it fails to use any encryption.

I started this post in late March and finally pulled it together this past  week. While investigating this app's lack of encryption, I also wrote a Python library that automates accounts on the service similar to what others have done with Tinder in the past. It was pretty interesting to see the differences in interactions between male and female accounts. Let me know if this is something you'd like to hear more about.

I was asked if I'll write a Chinese version of this post. I used to blog in Chinese but stopped once my blog started periodically being blocked in the Mainland. Unfortunately, since I'm not willing to blog on a platform like Sina that is censored and I don't control, I don't have access to my Chinese reading audience anymore.  This experience is one of things that drives my interest in Bitcoin and blockchain.


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