The Empathy Deficit

Thoughtful piece on what empathy is and isn't and why we need more of it.

"Look, empathy is hard. It requires a ton of effort and a change in mindset. It requires us to confront perspectives that we don’t want to. But, in my opinion, empathy is one of the most important skills we can cultivate to live happier lives and make a better world. In 2006 during Xavier University’s commencement, Obama put it better than I ever could when he said “Know that there’s another path you can take. This one’s going to be more difficult. It asks more of you, it asks you to leave here and not just pursue your own individual dreams but to help perfect our collective dream as a nation [and a world]. It asks you to realize there’s more to life than being rich or thin or young or famous or safe or entertained. It asks you to recognize that there are people out there who need you. There’s a lot of talk in this country about the federal deficit. One of the things I think we should talk more about is our empathy deficit.”


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