Why News Subscriptions Might Never Scale Like Netflix


This chart of media consumption in the Netherlands in 2018 shows why we have a hard time beating the numbers of Netflix and Spotify in the news industry. Reading (yellow) is simply a smaller part of media consumption of everyone and especially younger segments. I am sure this is true in other countries as well. So although in the news industry we should go after converting people to digital subscriptions, we have more limits on converting and retaining large pieces of our populations due to less time spent.

We have no other choice, but to venture into audio and video. These purple and blue parts are too large to ignore. Moreover, we must make sure we can secure direct relationships with listeners of podcasts, in stead of having Spotify and Apple reap the benefits. And premium video is a road all publishers must head into, perhaps supported bu text for SEO.

On a funny note that explains all those hours on watching, read this article where farmers binge-watch Netflix in massage chairs as they drive their ploughs (WSJ paywall in link). 


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