5) CBS News: At 35, this (previously undocumented) lawyer and activist realizes his dream of joining the armed forces


This is such a powerful story and worth the longer read. 💖

Born in central Mexico, Cesar Vargas came to the U.S. as a 5-year-old w/his mother and 3 siblings. Like many undocumented immigrants, the family crossed the southwestern border to enter the country. Vargas' recent enlistment in the Army Reserve marked the culmination of a remarkable, nearly two-decades-long journey from undocumented immigrant to trail-blazing attorney and activist.

"It's a realization of the effort and sacrifice of my mother, who came here, risked everything to give me a better life, to provide us with a chance of the American dream," he said. "She has been a bedrock, a pillar of me graduating college, graduating law school and now achieving and graduating from basic combat training." For Vargas, the diversity of his graduating class epitomizes one of his primary reasons for joining the Army: to elevate the stories of immigrants in America who have answered the call to arms.  


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