Selling Your Brain: Access Level Agreements

Here's a great clip from value pricing guru Ed Kless where he talks about turning your services into an insurance policy, where your clients pay you a subscription to get access to your brain throughout the year to eliminate all of their future problems. How much would your client pay you for them to have no problems? It's a tricky question that has no formula to be honest...

In what he calls value pricing 2.0, you should price your entire client portfolio (not the individual customer as he has previously advocated).

The interesting thing about this is that you can then look at your service like an insurance company where you spread the risk pool (ie. clients that demand more time) across your entire client base.

As he says, sell fire insurance (upfront subscription), don't sell firefighting (billable hour).

Want to hear more from Ed? I spoke to him about different kinds of subscription models and more here.


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