A Farewell to Wii U, The Game System For Nobody


Chris Kohler:

Wii U may have shared a name with its predecessor, but in many respects it was the anti-Wii; whereas the universal appeal of Wii was easily explained the moment you saw someone whack a tennis ball, Wii U was the most complicated game pitch ever: “Okay, so, I’m the ghost and I’m running around, and each of you guys has to look for me, but you can’t see me, so you have to tell everybody which color player you are and if you feel the controller vibrating that means the ghost, or me, is close, so…” and Mom has already set down the Wiimote and is now slowly backing away.

From the get-go, the Wii U made no sense to me. It's almost as if they got it completely backwards -- the handheld controller should have been the key to the system, not the add-on. Nintendo appears to be rectifying this situation with the forthcoming Switch, but is it too late?


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