A Netflix Movie Doesn’t Need To Be Good


For Netflix, quality is optional. Which makes sense—video stores rented all kinds of crap, but the point was just to have a wide selection. It's not that they don't necessarily care about quality at all, it's that for their business, it's not the only or even the most important thing. 

But instead of just taking the L, Paramount was able to offload it to Netflix, which is still working on making a name for itself as a platform for original movies, and ready to spend for a name-brand movie, dud or not. The streaming service bought the movie only to turn around almost immediately after and offer it to audiences with its Super Bowl stunt. What Netflix was touting with the 30-second spot that played during the game wasn't that it had this movie and it was good — half the footage was from the original Cloverfield. Netflix was just advertising that it had the movie, period. Whether it was good or bad was incidental — what mattered was that it was there.

For the record: it's a really bad movie that I kind of enjoyed. 


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