Microsoft has created a Surface USB-C dongle for ‘people who love dongles’

Tom Warren:

Microsoft is planning to release a dongle that will plug into the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop devices and provide USB-C support. It’s like any dongle you’d expect, and it simply slots into the Surface connector port on the device. “If you want to charge a device with a Type-C charger, you can. If you want to put data back and forth with a Type-C peripheral, you can,” says Panay.
While Panay jokes about USB-C and the dongle problem, he has some serious answers as to why it’s missing on both the new Surface Pro and Laptop. “The last thing I want is to take away the port they need today and tomorrow and the next day, to achieve a technology milestone where I then put a barrier in front of my customers,” says Panay. “A dongle or an adaptor or a cable that didn’t work because it was Thunderbolt or wasn’t Thunderbolt or I bought the wrong peripheral or I tried to charge it with my phone charger but it wasn’t enough to charge my device all day. Those are those moments.”

Look, I get it. And this is a "winning" thing to say. Yay, Microsoft, champion of the people. It's unfortunately also the exact wrong mentality to have if you want to ever make progress in a reasonable timeframe. Rip off the bandaid. It has to hurt if it's to heal. Etc.


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