How to Live Simply in a Complicated World | The Unbounded Spirit

I'm creating a category for articles like this one: I'll call this category Healthy Lifestyle Checklists. These checklist pieces serve as positive reminders of practices and decisions we know are wise, but all too often stray from. By quickly scanning good checklists, we can evaluate our recurring choices and course-correct as needed. 

What resonated with me in this article is reconnecting with nature and doing what you love. What I'd like to add though is that there are benefits from doing each at a micro level, as in short walks in the forest and a few minutes a day with a hobby you enjoy. Too many people put these activities on hold until they can do them at an all-or-nothing level (e.g. hike the Appalachian Trail, start a new business full-time, etc.), and they miss out on beautiful moments of daily life in doing so.


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