macOS Sierra review: Apple reaches for the clouds

Feels like a solid review from Jacob Kastrenakes. There's a weird dichotomy these days where even though the macOS (née OS X) updates feel smaller in scope -- certainly in user-facing features scope -- the reviews people write about them keep getting longer and longer. I don't know about you, but I don't need to read 25,000 words about the latest OS iteration (Kastrenakes clocks in at roughly 2,500 words, by my count -- much more reasonable). We're all going to install it anyway. It's (slightly) better and free. Free-as-in-beer. What's the decision? 

When it comes to the actual OS, of note:

"The bigger problem? The setting to enable auto-unlock is entirely hidden. You have to activate two-factor authorization in order to even see the setting, and it turns out, enabling two-factor involves jumping through quite a few hoops. (Did you know that Apple has a virtually identical security feature called "two-step authorization"?) Perhaps Apple wanted to use this feature to nudge people toward better account security, but if so, it probably should have done a better job of making people aware it exists; instead, you'll have to Google for a tutorial."

This is one of the great new user-facing features of Sierra (assuming you have an Apple Watch). But it's almost comically hard to figure out how to enable. 


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