Denise Logan - Work, Money & Meaning: How to Let Go When the Time Comes

Weaving together her background as a lawyer, social worker and business owner has enabled Denise Logan to deftly guide hundreds of business owners and their professional teams as they navigate the complex emotional journey of selling their business and letting go into their own version of what’s next.

  • "The reality is that every owner will exit their business, voluntarily or involuntarily... so you will either transition to someone or you will leave your business with it being unprepared" - [Denise]
  • One of the questions I start early on with an owner is ''what does work provide for you, beyond the money?... where will you get those needs met outside the business?"
  • "Succession happens at all different ages"
  • "Are we simply creating roles in the business so family members have work to do, as opposed to are they the right people in the business?"


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