It Might Be Time to Move the NBA’s 3-Point Line

Ben Cohen sits down with Kirk Goldsberry a former San Antonio Spurs executive and Harvard professor, who has a new book “Sprawlball”:

One of the wilder ideas in the book is letting teams drop the 3-point line wherever they want.
I think that would bring some diversity back to the league in a cool way. People have both told me that’s a great idea and a terrible idea.
Why is it a terrible idea? I know it sounds crazy. But is it really a terrible idea?
It’s not more crazy than adding the 3-point line in the first place—which was an insane idea that got through the congress somehow. With that precedent in mind, it’s a very modest change.

At first, this does sound crazy. Then you think about it a bit… Wouldn’t it be amazing if every NBA arena was able to set their own line? It would be like how different baseball parks have different outfield fence dimensions, leading to easier/harder homerun (and pitching) situations. I actually think I love this idea for a league that is becoming so dependent on the three ball. 


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