Being Glue

This talk has become hugely influential, passed around both inside of Google and Squarespace, and now making its way throughout the software engineering world. Here's the author, Tanya Reilly, on its genesis:

Being Glue originated as a comment on an internal Google+ post when I worked at Google. I’d used the expression “glue work” in passing, and someone asked what I meant by it. The reply became a standalone post and then an internal document (which as far as I know is still being circulated).

"Glue work" is a term that Tanya coined to describe all of that work that is so critical on medium-to-large technical teams but often goes under-appreciated (and under-promoted): communication, planning, project management, documentation... Recognizing the value of this work is critical for the success of teams and for the career paths of those whose efforts it describes (often disproportionately women).

This effect is not isolated to software engineering. Data is now a technical field, and as we start to figure out the (still in flux!) career paths for our own roles this will be an increasingly important topic.

Highly recommended.


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