Envoy, reinventing the visitor registration


When you replace your sign-in book with our customizable iPad app, we collect the visitor information, so you can focus on giving the guest a better, more personal experience. Unlike paper guest books, Envoy keeps visitor information confidential, so the old days of illegible scribble and guests “innocently noticing” a competitor’s name, are gone. And with required contact fields, automatic photo capture and multiple sign-out features, you’ll always know exactly who’s in the building. Envoy shares the visitor’s photo with their host, allowing employees to easily identify guests and make them feel welcome. And with Pre-Registration, you can save guests the headache that comes with tracking down arrival details. No more last minute panic over parking or showing up at the wrong entrance. In just moments, a host can send custom emails that contain directions, parking tips, Wi-Fi details, a calendar invitation and more.


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