Data Analysts Need Communities

My most recent post is an announcement of the first-ever global dbt community conference, Coalesce, but more importantly is a discussion of the importance of communities for data analysts:

It’s communities that are responsible for the unbelievably fast rate of innovation in the way that software is written. The migration from waterfall to XP to Agile, the migration from bare metal to virtualization to cloud to containerization — each of these implies changes in the way that software is built. To take advantage of these shifts, practitioners need to be constantly evolving, constantly learning, and the field needs to go through this process together.
Communities act as the primary transmission vector for these (and so many other) new software engineering practices. Communities determine what’s exciting and how it gets used, what new practitioners learn, and where investment dollars flow. And in turn, they give participants professional development, a sense of identity, and a way to give back.
If analytics is a subfield of software engineering, then analysts need communities every bit as vibrant as those in software engineering.


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