How crowdfunding drives social impact

(Future of Good)

The power of crowdfunding is hard to ignore. Crowdfunding campaigns have raised $34 billion globally, and are on pace to raise nearly 10 times that within the next decade. In this article, Future of Good explores how non-profit organizations and social enterprises, like Canada's own Riipen, are using crowdfunding platforms to advance their causes.

Talking points:

When looking at the financial future of any non-profit, or business, diversification is key when it comes to revenue sources to ensure longevity through economic down turns and stakeholder shifts. This is even more true when an organization is tied to any governmental body for core funding as every election, budget, or department change-over can bring unmitigated risk to the organization's financial health. Crowdfunding is a revenue source prime for many non-profits that already have an engaged membership, and should be considered as funding revenue stream. - Tyler Farmer | email


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