Freizeit is Polytype's take on the neo-grotesque genre, which interestingly, takes its inspiration from the same sources than Anaïs (featured above) but blending it with the unique style of the Scottish foundry. Freizeit comes in three widths (Regular, 120 and 140) which can be bought as separate subfamilies or together in the superfamily package. I'm a big fan of Polytype, and this new release is just another reason why.

What should I pair it with? Freizeit is a clean but rather funky font that reminds us of the look and feel of the 1960s. We suggest pairing it with a font that also evokes the style of the 1960s, but providing enough contrast, such as Franklin Gothic or the more condensed Alternate Gothic. Freizeit would also look good paired with something blocky like Futura Display or the super cool Chicken Shop Gothic (pictured below).

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