Strategies for Keeping the LinkedIn Feed Relevant

After a year where Facebook has been highly criticized for its curation practices, Linkedin seems to be taking a different approach. It even gets in a satisfying jab at its much-larger sibling: 

What may pass as acceptable content on a general social network may not be a pleasing experience for a professional social network like LinkedIn.

Linkedin incorporates both user reporting and employee review of reports for its user-generated content. And the post goes into detail about the potential remedies it metes out:

We have heavily invested in our platforms to allow for a spectrum of treatments, including: demoting content in the feed ranking; restricting content to the immediate neighborhood of the poster; limiting places where content can surface (e.g., it can be seen on a member’s profile page but not on the feed); making it undiscoverable on the whole site; and, in extreme cases, also disabling the poster.

This level of transparency about a core social curation algorithm is very unusual in the space. Encouraging.


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