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Ballparks & Time

by M.G. Siegler


YouTube TV review: a DVR to rule them all

Ben Popper:

Sports is one of the big draws of traditional television, and YouTube TV has placed a special emphasis on organizing this content. You can select your favorite teams or leagues and the service will bundle these into folders so you can easily hop in and find recent matches. Once you let YouTube TV know your favorite league or team, it will also save all games to your DVR, no matter what channel it appears on. Since a lot of the experience is personalized around what you save and search for, YouTube TV offers six individually personalized accounts and three concurrent streams with your monthly subscription. That’s about the middle of the pack: Sony Vue offers five concurrent streams, DirecTV Now offers two, and Sling offers between one and four streams depending on the package you purchase.

I've played with basically all of these cable-replacement bundles. YouTube TV is by far the most well made -- including, notably, the iOS app, which is excellent. The auto-DVR stuff is just fantastic. It knows I like the San Francisco Giants, so it auto-records all the games it finds. But no pressure to watch, they're all just stored in the cloud to pull down later if I choose to. This is how this should work.


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