Exclusive Networks Of Teens Are Making Thousands Of Dollars By Selling Retweets


Speaking of Twitter, I am obsessed with these teenagers, who found a more-or-less legitimate way to actually make real money by tweeting (Taylor Lorenz points out that BuzzFeed wrote about a similar practice four years ago. In fairness to BuzzFeed, literally who can remember four years ago.)

The practice is known as "tweetdecking," so named because those involved form secret Tweetdeck groups, which they call "decks." Scoring an invite to join a deck usually requires a follower count in the tens of thousands.
Within these decks, a highly organized system of mass-retweeting exists in order to launch deck members' tweets — and paying customers' tweets — into meticulously manufactured virality.
Customers, which can include both individuals and brands, pay deck owners to retweet one or more of their tweets a specified number of times across deck member accounts. Some decks even allow customers temporary access to the deck, almost like a short-term subscription to unlimited deck retweets. Single retweets tend to cost around $5 or $10. Week or month-long subscriptions can cost several hundreds of dollars, depending on the deck's popularity.


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