2015: The Year the Great Firewall went Global


In 2015, China's Internet control and censorship policy started having major effects outside of its borders. This is my roundup...be warned...it's depressing.

And it's even worse than I wrote, because I left off this gem: A German Youtuber posted a video comparing Chairman Mao with Hitler. Some state owned newspapers were not impressed and called for his prosecution under a Chinese law that allows anyone, anywhere who commits a crime that has an effect in China to be punished in China.

Are you working on decentralized technology that has anti-censorship applications? Is what you're doing a crime in China? Will you be arrested if you visit China or be "disappeared" by Chinese agents abroad like the Hong Kong booksellers?

Maybe not today, but it's something to think about. It's clear that China has learned from the example set by the USA in extraterritorial application and enforcement of law. America has set a dangerous precedent...now we're seeing why. 


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