Reviewing the First iPhone in a Hype Typhoon

Speaking of Steven Levy, here's his look back at the Day of iPhone:

In mid-June, Apple came to my Newsweek office to set up my review unit, with warnings that I had to be discreet in my public usage, as the veil of secrecy was still under effect. A couple of days later, I went on a day trip to Pittsburgh. Because I wasn’t planning to stay overnight, I didn’t take my laptop—just the phone. But a thunderstorm canceled all the evening flights, and I was stuck in Western Pennsylvania. But I had my iPhone! For 24 hours, I was able to dispatch the essential tasks of my digital life with this pocket-size computer. And I had the lede for my review.

Leave the laptop, take the iPhone. And:

The craziest moment came when I was doing a live Fox News interview on launch day, June 29, in front of Apple’s 59th Street store, where the line circled the block. The camera had barely starting rolling when someone slipped behind us, reached in and grabbed…not the iPhone, but the reporter’s microphone. The culprit dashed off, but a soundman tackled him, holding him down until the cops arrived. All of this was broadcast live, and, for all the viewers knew, total bedlam had broken out on Fifth Avenue. Fox cut the feed and returned to the studio, where two hosts tried to make sense of what they had seen. After a couple of minutes, we regrouped and resumed the interview. A year later I ran into the reporter and she told me, citing a junior version of PTSD, that she still couldn’t bring herself to buy an iPhone.

This really did happen. And there's video. Awesome.


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